When The Great Discontent and Elle Luna issued the challenge of creating for 100 days, I never imagined the response I would get and the new opportunities it would open up.

I worked through the challenge as is - never designing and printing more than 1 day ahead of the calendar. Working on a T-shirt design - from sketch, to printing, to posting, took 5-6 hours every day. The decision to never work more than a day ahead kept me on my toes, but also forced me to miss a handful of days due to pre-challenge travel plans.  

Since returning from my brief Anniversary trip to Austin, a larger opportunity has opened for me. Sadly, there's no way I can continue The 100 Days of T-shirts and my new project based on the time commitment required for both. So last night I made the decision to stop The 100 Days of T-shirts project 40 days in. 

It's been challenging and a lot of fun getting back into graphic and t-shirt work, and I want to thank everyone that shared, liked and picked up t-shirts along the way.

For fans still waiting for their t-shirts, my team and I will be finishing up any remaining orders and sending them out this week.

Thanks for the support.

Can't wait to share what I'm working on next.

- Peter